A simple definition for aquaponics is a type of agriculture system where fish live in water and provide waste to feed plants, the plants in turn purify the water. It takes Aquaculture, which is the raising of fish and Hydroponics which is growing plants without soil and combines them to create a recirculating agriculture system. To make this system successful you also need integrate microbes and worms  to turn the ammonia that is created by the fish waste into nitrates and solids into vermicompost which feeds the plants. It is a delicate balance but once it is achieved it takes minimal  maintenance to keep your aquaponics system thriving.

Franco Molea taught aquaponic installation, design and building through the botanical gardens for two years and trained with a pioneer of aquaponics, Murray Hallam. He has designed his very own functioning aquaponic system and has big ideas on how to help people in need with aquaponics. Franco was featured along with his good friend Allen on the show Doomsday Preppers  Season 2 Episode 5. The show airs on the National Geographic channel.


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