The experts at A+ Circuit Solutions are competent to handle any kind of lighting job, including installation, repair, upgrade and ballast and bulb replacement. Don’t hesitate to share your lighting problems with us, because we are only too happy to assist you any time.

A report by Energy Star® revealed that if only each American replaced one light bulb with a more energy efficient one, we could save enough energy to illuminate no less than 3 million homes for an entire year. That’s equivalent to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by putting 800, 000 cars out of service.

You can also save a great deal of money by being wiser in your energy consumption. Energy efficient bulbs use only 25% of the electricity required by regular incandescent bulbs, plus they give off only 25% of the heat radiated by the latter. This means that you bring down your lighting as well as cooling costs at home.

A+ Circuit Solutions’ electricians can work with a great variety of types of lights, such as neon, halogen, incandescent, mercury, sodium, metal halide and so much more. That’s why you can rest easy knowing that we can handle your lighting problems in no time at all.


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