Child Proof Outlets

Your electrical outlet is an open and continuous threat to the safety of your children, who might be tempted to poke something into the socket and thus experience electrical shock. That’s why you need child proof outlets in your home.

Reduce the risk of your child getting electrocuted by making sure that all your sockets are tamper-proof.

Having an adult in the room all the time does not guarantee that a child will not find an open socket and stick his finger or an object into it. All it takes is a few seconds of inattention and a misplaced key, hairpin or paper clip and the child can get electrocuted.

A study by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported that most electrical injuries among children result to burns. The burns range from mild to serious to fatal, but the effect is that much more intensified because young children have thinner skin than adults. Even if the child does not sustain any physical injury, he or she may still be emotionally traumatized by the experience.

Unfortunately, many of the supposedly tamper resistant products available in the market today are not enough to protect your child. Make your home truly child-proof by contacting A+ Circuit Solutions for the best advice for child proof outlets today.

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