Electrical Inspections

When we do our electrical inspections, we make sure to leave our customers’ homes with a guarantee of safety, energy efficiency and convenience for every service we perform. To give you value-added security, the electricians at A+ Circuit Solutions will evaluate your home electrical system to make sure that you have all the latest electrical codes.

We want the best for our clients. That’s why at A+ Circuit Solutions, we correct any code errors or electrical problems we find onsite as promptly as we can. Electrical hazards are a big threat to your family’s safety and security, but these can be avoided by ensuring that your system is running smoothly.

A+ Circuit Solutions has partnered with the Electrical Safety Foundation International to provide you with the latest updates on electrical compliance requirements as well as tips on keeping your home safe and secure all the time.

We provide a complimentary check-up for every service call to give our clients the peace of mind that they deserve. Call A+ Circuit Solutions now to place a service request!

Emergency Service: Electricians Available 24/7