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Effective May 16, 2015, Empire began offering rebates to Missouri customers for qualifying solar installations. Empire customers may receive a rebate of $0.50 per watt for qualifying solar installation, but your system needs to be fully functioning by December 31, 2015. This makes the decision to go solar very affordable and time sensitive. Empire can take up to 90 days to approve the initial paperwork and up to 30 days for the final paperwork. If you want to get your $0.50 rebate you need to decide to install solar soon so that all of the necessary paperwork can be submitted.

We want everyone reading this to have a better understanding of the Empire Rebate. We want to help clear up any confusion you may have and to help you to understand the rebate process prior to committing to a new solar system. Don’t take our word for it, always read all available information directly from the source when learning about rebates and incentives. The information listed on this page has been gathered from the riders that are available on the Empire website. We are here to answer questions and to help you along the way!  Keep in mind the we are not Empire, so without further ado, here is our disclaimer.

 This page was not created to replace the information within Empire’s documents on their webpage and we cannot guarantee anything on behalf of Empire. We are not affiliated with Empire. The content on this page was not written by and has not been approved by Empire. To confirm any information listed on this page please contact Empire. Below are hyperlinks to Empire and all of the documents from which this information came from

Empire Solar Rebate Information – All documents listed below can be found here

Empire Solar Rebate Rider

Empire Rebate Application

Net Metering Application and Agreement

Net Metering Rider

Net Metering Standards

Solar Rebate Flow Chart



When Can I Apply For My Rebate?

You can apply for your rebate after your system is fully functioning.  To submit your rebate application you must include pictures of your completed solar system and are required to include invoices and receipts with your application. This means that your system will need to be installed and fully functioning with your rebate application submitted to Empire by December 31, 2015.  Once your rebate application is accepted you will receive a Rebate Commitment.


How Do I Know That I Will Get My Rebate?

This is not a question that is easily answered, but we can answer it. You cannot apply for your solar rebate until your solar system is functioning, however your rebate application is not what reserves your rebate funds; your Net Metering Application reserves your rebate funds. Upon approval of your Net Metering Application Empire will provide you a Qualification Date and they will send you one of two responses in writing.


1. Solar rebate funds have been committed for your solar system, subject to the Qualification Date not changing and the commitment not expiring

When you receive this notice in writing it means that rebate funds for your solar system have been designated to you. This prevents Empire from over promising rebates to their customers. Once Empire determines your System Qualification Date they establish a reservation queue for your solar rebate payment. You cannot submit a Solar Rebate Application without obtaining a System Qualification Date. This prevents other customers from being able to obtain rebates that were reserved by Empire for your solar system.


2. Solar rebate funds cannot be guaranteed for your System

This does not mean you will not receive funds. This notice means that Empire has filed its sixty-day notice of reaching its annual retail rate impact limit. You may still receive a solar rebate if:

a) the Public Service Commission determines that Empire has not yet met its annual retail rate impact limit;

b) additional rebates become available due to other qualified solar systems dropping out of the reservation queue

c) additional rebates become available at the start of the next calendar year.

On a monthly basis Empire will review customers who were unable to have funds guaranteed for their solar system. If customers who had previously accepted a Rebate Commitment have dropped out of the rebate program then their designated funds will become available. Any applicants who received this notification will then get a notification in the mail that a Rebate Commitment is being offered. Customers will receive a Rebate Commitment offer  in the order Empire received their rebate application.

How Do I Apply For My Net Meter?

In order to apply for a net meter you must complete Empire’s Net Metering Application and attach plans and specifications for your system describing the net metering, parallel generation and interconnection facilities. Empire will provide notice of approval or denial within 30 days of receipt by Empire for solar systems producing less than 10kw. For solar systems producing more than 10kw approval or denial will be given within 90 days.

When Do I Apply For My Net Metering Application?

You need to apply for your Net Meter as soon as you have your solar system designed and you know what products will be used for your solar system.  If you are only installing solar on the condition you receive the solar rebate from Empire it is important that you do not sign any contracts or give any deposits until your Net Metering Application is Accepted.

After you receive approval of your Net Metering application and prior to the interconnection of the solar system to Empire’s grid, a qualified electrician or engineer will need to furnish Empire with a certification that the installation of your solar system meets the plans and specifications described in the net metering application. This must be completed within 1 year of the Net Metering Application approval.

Empire will complete the utility portion of the Net Metering Application upon receipt of a completed application form and payment of any applicable fees. They will schedule an interconnection date within 15 day, unless the customer and Empire agree to a later date.

What If My Application Is Denied?

If your Net Metering Application is denied you will be provided with the reason or reasons for the denial. You may correct and resubmit the application.

Once your Net Metering Application is accepted and you have gotten your letter guaranteeing your funds you are ready to get your solar system installed. Upon completion of your solar system you will need to submit your Solar Rebate Application.

How Do I Apply For My Rebate?

After your solar system is fully functioning you must submit:

  • Copies of invoices and receipts with the date of purchase circled
  • Copies of detailed specification sheets for each component of your solar system
  • Proof of warranty sheet with a minimum of a 10 year warranty
  • Photos of the completed system
  • A completed Tax Payer Identification Form W9.

If your rebate amount is over $600 you will need to submit a Miscellaneous Income Form 1099 when you file your taxes. You should receive the form in the mail from Empire.

Once Empire receives your application they will review it. The review will include but is not limited to:

  • Verifying that all of the required documents are submitted
  • That you are an active customer
  • You have a valid net metering agreement on file with the Empire

What If My Rebate Application Is Denied?

If the application is denied, you will have an opportunity to correct and resubmit the initial application within 5 days of notice of denial without losing your place in the solar rebate offer queue.

 What Happens Once My Rebate Application Is Approved?

Upon administrative approval of the solar rebate application, Empire will e-mail a letter of conditional approval accepting the solar rebate application and offering a Solar Rebate Commitment. This will be considered the solar rebate offer acceptance date unless you notify Empire within one week that the offer is not accepted. After you accept the rebate offer you should request a field inspection from Empire by responding to the email notification that the solar rebate application was conditionally approved. Empire will contact you to schedule a field inspection within 15 days unless you and Empire mutually agree otherwise. Once a successful field inspection is completed, Empire will declare the solar rebate application as final. This date is the “System Operational Date” which is the day the solar rebate payment begins processing. The Solar Rebate is paid thirty days from the passing field inspection date.

 When Do I Get My Rebate?

According to the Empire Flow Chart you will get your solar rebate thirty days from the passing field inspection date


We are here to help! If you have any questions contact our rebate team today!

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